In the 80s I worked as a radio journalist and presenter for Capital Radio when they did long documentaries. We did programmes that had an effect- for instance we triggered a public inquiry into the killing of a social worker by a former client who had been abandoned by “community care”.

In the 90s I worked for BBC radio’s ¬†File on 4. I presented programmes made in the UK and also in Soweto, Serbia and Ukraine (Chernobyl).

I then worked as a TV documentaries director making programmes on various subjects (including the art of Matisse) for Channel 4, BBC 1, BBC 4 and A and E. Highlights: making a film in India and Bangladesh about the Bengal famine in the Second World War. Also: interviewing President Gorbachev at length for A & E.

I am now focussed on painting.¬† My first show SURVIVORS was a mixed media exhibition at the Stonespace in Leytonstone, through Stonespace and CreativeBloc. My second show, CAMBODIA: THE LAND OF THE LEPER KING was at Pictorem Gallery in Walthamstow in 2017. My third show, THE PIPER’S RETURN, was at the same gallery in 2019.

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